Tuesday, July 06, 2010

I want to: ScreenToaster closing: alternatives

So is this just a growing pain for the Internet or something users need to accept as a fact of life?

The online screen recorder, which I really liked, is closing down. This is a great shame, and what's worse is that your videos will no longer be available on the web after July 31st. This is a real pain, since I'll have to re-do a few of mine that I've put up. What are the alternatives?

I want to: ScreenToaster closing: alternatives


Anonymous said...
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Clint said...

I just used ScreenToaster for the first time to update a webinar and it worked great. Like other people, I used Camtasia before but after switching to a Mac, I had to find something else. I tried Jing and it worked fine except that it had a limit of five minutes video time (at least for the free version). I stumbled on ScreenToaster and since it is compatible with Mac, I gave it a try. I recommend all Mac users try it if they need screen capture. They brought the program back just in time.