Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Going Too Far with Online Interactivity?

Okay, I'm for making learning more interactive as much as the next person, but I think this proposal in an otherwise interesting post by Dr. Trent Batson in Campus Technology - Tipping Point for "Content"--Dynamic Interaction, Not Static Stuff - is taking immersion a little too far.

Or a class discussion carried on in a chat room (while in a real classroom) so students can interact with each other as much as with the teacher.

Why would anyone want to have learners who are gathered together in a real classroom carry on their discussion through an online chat room? I have a difficult time getting around the vision of a room full of learners all studiously clicking away at their i-Phones, laptops, etc. without a word being said.

About the only value that I can see from this exercise is that it creates a record of the conversations through the chat room log. If that's what a teacher wants then just buy a digital tape recorder.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Learning "Webinoshes"

Will Thalheimer's newsletter announced the following two Webinoshes

Upcoming Schedule:

Friday November 7th, Noon U.S. East Coast Time Can We Improve Our Smile Sheets? Link to Register:

Friday November 21st, Noon U.S. East Coast Time Does Context Matter? Link to Register:

Available through both the phone and VOIP so folks from around the world can attend.

Will describes his webinoshes as "short, intimate webinars covering one essential topic in human learning and performance. I add questions, learning myths, and question-and-answer sessions (where you can ask me anything) to the mix to keep things interesting. These Brown Bag Learning experiences are provided using a "Subscription Learning" methodology, so that themes will be repeated over time for deeper, more impactful learning.