Monday, July 19, 2010

Campus Technology 2010 - Monday

Monday is always a tough day and I found out they moved the conference away from the main convention center and it is instead at the seafront. That said…

First, up is a workshop titled Next Generation Computing: Using the Cloud to Build Learning Communities. Presented by John Kuglin.

For this session, we are starting by going to John Kuglin’s website. For this interactive session he has set up a number of tools that are launched from that website for interaction including:

  • A wiki where you can post thoughts either thru
    • a reflections page or
    • a twitter like application.
  • SlideRocket presentations


Starting to discuss “What’s Important & What’s Not?” – because there is so much information how will you know you are focusing on the right stuff.

He’s showing a video clip from TED Kirk Citron about what’s important and what’s not in the news world.

His point thatFor educators’ the ultimate goal is to move a young kindergartener to a successful college graduate.


When considering cloud computing need to consider

  • hardware
  • software
  • network infrastructure
  • policies and procedures
  • professinal development
  • culture
  • staff proficiencies
  • student proficiencies


What are student expectations: because they are expected to drive their own learning they expect to be provided the opportunities to learn.

The target for technology professionals is to address this target:


The red area is the firewall that can be found in all schools. As technology specialists you need to be aware of what the Horizon Report is stating.


Question was asked about SlideRocket and its usability within Apple Ipad and Iphone. It was noted that Cloud Browser will allow you to view Flash movies on the Iphone and Ipad.

Interesting point that Bloom’s Taxonomy was updated in 2001 to reflect technology. the New version uses verbs versus nouns.


Intel provides a site to assist teachers to build HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) into the curriculum

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