Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Campus Technology – Day 2 – Part 2

The second session I am attending today is ePortfolios For Studen Life and Academics, presented by Amy Stevens, Web Communications Manager of the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.

The focus of her presentation is the development of authentic assessments with a focus on ePortfolios. It is not a cheap thing to role out and she expected that the school she works at would pull the plug, but they didn’t.

Could ePortfolios be fitted into the corporate world as part of the employees individual personnel file in Human Resources.

First Year Middle Years Senior Year
Encounter 1:
College and Academic Life
Encounter II:
The World Outside the Classroom
Encounter III:
Application of a discipline to the real world
Freshman expereience
Service Learning (internship)
Undergraduate research
Service learning in major capstone

The table above defined her schools intent to capture the high impact learning experiences they want their students to record.

They measured based on topics including:

  • Student proficiency
  • Could they relate it to a learning element
  • Awareness of intended outcome

Within the ePortfolio system students were asked to present evidence of their working to meet the school’s diversity experience and explain what they learned from the experience. This was rolled out in 2007 and it failed because no student uploaded anything to their eportfolio. She blamed it on a failure to communication expectations.

Instead, they decided to seek out clubs to have them perform the ePortfolios. The school rolled out the ePortfolio software and required each club, as it came up to have its constitution renewed, to take on the role. They still also require individual students to establish ePortfolios. They are required to:

  • Post a resume
  • Set goals
  • First days
  • Submit a document from their first year experience course

There is a template for them to use to set up these goals. Students are advised to maintain the portfolio by alerting them that the portfolio can be accessed by employers who are using the Internet to research their potential hires. If nothing like this is available they will look for individuals on Facebook.

They are assessed based on:

  • Community Reading
  • First Days, Goals, and Bio
  • FYE Writing

These are reviewed by academic counselors and professors and graded.

First year rubric is:

  In Progress Satisfactory Exemplary
Careful Reading      
Critical Thinking      
Reflective Writing      
Content Area      

Instructors will be allowed to customize. In conclusion she shared her own portfolio.

Someone asked about using Google portfolios. Found this site about how to use Google Sites for this purpose.

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