Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Recommended Books for Instructional Design

BOOKSTOREAD.COM has compiled a collected list of recommended books on instructional design and technology.

The purpose of the Top Ten Lists is to showcase the bookshelves of leaders in the field. Currently, we are accepting nominations for eminent scholars, theorists, and practitioners in instructional design and technology whom we would like to request that they submit a top ten list of their most influential or important books in the field.

The list is kind of dated (nothing new since 2002), but still a good starting point for individuals interested in pursuing an informal education in instructional design. Hat Tip to John Curry, Ph.D., at EffectiveDesign.Org, for including it amongst his links  this week.

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Dr. John H. Curry said...

Thanks for the hat tip, Dennis. I thought it was a good find as well.

I've since asked Merrill (in a podcast interview for my grad students) about updating his list, and he added all kinds of different things.

I guess I ought to transcribe that, huh?