Monday, March 24, 2014

SharePoint and Performance Support

ASTD is offering an interesting one-hour webinar, titled Using SharePoint to Support Training, on how to leverage SharePoint to support formal training. The registration site describes it thus:

In a business environment where training professionals are asked to do more with less, leveraging an option like SharePoint can be an effective way to minimize costs while providing the technology to facilitate engaging learning experiences. In this session, we’ll discuss some examples of using SharePoint to support training and development in organizations.

Learn how SharePoint can be used for:

  • employee onboarding/orientation programs
  • training and development project management
  • community management and blogging
  • knowledge management/employee resource center
  • managing an action learning curriculum

Join Anne Scott and Mark Britz as they walk you through some practical examples based on business problems, solutions, results, limitations, workarounds, and lessons learned. 

I plan to attend this webinar because it may prove useful for our my group, which is widely distributed geographically. It might provide some guidance on how to encourage ongoing learning and sharing of knowledge.

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