Saturday, November 09, 2013

Learning 2013 - Breakout Session 274 - Is Bite Size the Right Size? Smaller Learning, a Closer Look

This session focused on how to respond  to corporate pressure to reduce training times. The presenters -Camille Price, of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and Cary Harlow, of Hewlett Packard - said the conversation should not just be about compressing training, but challenging the assumption that compression is possible at all.

Once participant in the audience suggested that one way to reduce training time is to shift to prework, but in my own mind the question arises as to whether the company will expect the student to do the prework on his or her own time rather than on corporate time since the push to compress training time is the predicated on the desire to reduce the time the student is away from his primary tasks.

The suggestion from the presenters was to guide an evaluation of existing traing to break it up into primary, secondary, and tertiary training and to formulate it in a lattice framework for everyone to see so they ca decide where and when to take it.

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