Saturday, December 01, 2007

Could this be the future of mobile learning?

After spending the past two days attending the eLearning Guild's mobile learning forums and listening to people wonder about the future of smart phone usage I came across this gadget this morning.

This is the Sony VAIO VGN-UX490N/C 4.5" Notebook PC. It is a personal computer packaged with Microsoft Vista Business edition, 1GB of RAM and a 48GB of Flash hard drive space. It offers both wifi and ethernet connectivity as well as bluetooth connectivity. It's price tag is only $2,400. This would be a great little package for mobile learning.

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Judy said...

I purchased one of these devices last year (not with Vista) and it continues to sit on the shelf. It was too expensive, the keyboard is poor, the screen difficult to read and the battery life is worse that my notebook. My iPhone at 1/6 of the price does much of what this device does -- and much better.