Thursday, May 03, 2007

Presentation debrief

So, I've finished my presentation on Web 2.0 and I'm not really satisfied with my delivery. Being a geek I think I got caught up in the technology. Here's my presentation should you wish to view it.

I think that the critical issue I missed was the effect of web 2.0 on learning provider. We need to think of learning not solely as web-based or instructor-based that last an hour or more. Learning will be in micro-elements offered in synchronous lectures, videos, podcasts, and job aids. It's a concept I'm still fleshing out, but my first thoughts were posted here.

Update: I realized this morning what I forgot in my presentation. I never presented the WIFM. I never explained that we need to understand these various tools as alternative means of delivering training. I have seen how customers are increasingly looking to leverage additional value from the training they contract to have developed. But most elearning or training materials are either long (one or more hours) or designed to encourage participation by limiting the amount of information provided in writing.

By building learning with smaller incremental elements such as podcasts, videos, micro elearning, etc. with can attain the point where learning can be both formal and informal. Learners can attend a formal training session and then can go back and review the material through podcasts and video, or contact dedicated SMEs , through email, IM, or phone who can resolve their questions. There can also be dedicated forums and wikis for people to look for answers to questions.

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