Monday, January 15, 2007

Prep work for elearning

Rick Nigol of Breakthrough eLearning has an interesting post about how to create successful elearning: Score an "A" in eLearning (X4). His suggestion that there should be more preparation in understanding the learners before undertaking an elearning initiative is sound.

He argues that not everyone is comfortable with using computers to learn; the more they use computers on a daily basis the more likely they will accept an elearning initiative.
Because few have experienced eLearning directly, it makes more sense to examine other ways that they are using [information and communication technologies] in their daily lives. This will provide an indication of their likelihood of adapting well to online learning.
I agree that this is a critical issue and I think a great deal of elearning initiatives are "green lighted" by management because they are concerned about the cost of having their learners away from the job site and in a classroom. There is a lost of productivity. The problem is not everyone learns the same way and learning on the Internet can be very distracting if the learner is not dedicated to learning. I think the fourth "A" -- Appropriateness -- is perhaps the most appropriate question to ask.

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