Sunday, November 19, 2006

On the use of graphics

I meant to write about this earlier, but better late then never. The fine folks at Creating Passionate Users have an excellent post regarding the use of graphics in blogs, books, and presentations. While the piece focuses mainly on the use of graphics for blogs, I think it is equally useful for elearning, especially their ideas for generating graphics ideas. I recommend you read the whole article, but I thought I would list their suggestions for graphics brainstorming here:
  1. Ask yourself, "What's the point I want to make?"
  2. Distill the point to it's simplest, once-sentence form.
  3. Narrow down the graphic types that apply to this point.
  4. Pretend that for some reason you cannot use words to make your point.
They expand on each one of these points and then go on to discuss how to create them with tips on

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